Is 24Option Scam? – Review

Welcome to my 24Option Review!

I would like to congratulate you for taking your time on doing research about 24Option before joining this platform. That’s the way to avoid scam sites and to find a legitimate way to earn money online.

There are many Binary Options/Forex trading platforms around the Internet and one of them is 24Option. Do you think that this platform can make you money online or its just another good to be true website looking for their next victim?

You can earn money through Forex or Binary Options if you found the right Broker so in this article we will find out if 24Option is legit.

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PS: I would like to inform you that I am not associated with 24Option so rest assured that I am not here to sell you anything from this platform. I am doing this review to reveal the truth about it.

24Option Overview:


Name: 24options

Founder: Rodeler Limited

Minimum Investment: Free

Product: Binary Options/Forex Broker

Website URL:

Rating: 9 out of 10

Recommendation: Yes and No. Yes, if you have Idea about the world of investment and trading. No, if you are going trade money without enough knowledge about trading.

What is 24Option

24Option is an online financial binary trading platform founded in 2009. It is also an award-winning online broker and it is one of the best online trading platform in the world.

In 2016, they became a full service Forex Broker and they expanded their services to trade on currency pairs, stocks, commodities, indices and CFD’s. In 2017, they fully stop their binary option trading and went on a full Forex Broker

24option’s headquarters is located in Limassol, Limassol District, Cyprus 4103 owned by Rodeler company. Rodeler also own several trading platform like, GrandOption, QuickOption and 24FX brands that offers the best trading platform today.

How do you Start With 24Option?


First of all, go to their website and sign up. After signing up, you have to choose an account.

24Option have different account offers for their clients and each offers will have different benefits. Here are the list of offers:

  • Basic Account – 24Option basic account requires a minimum of EUR 250. Access to MT4 will be available as well as company’s web Client platform for one-click trading. You can also download their mobile app so that you can trade anywhere with your phone. 24/7 support will is also available.
  • Silver Account – This account requires a minimum of EUR 2000. features from basic account is included here. The difference between basic and silver account is you will have a personal coach that will help you on your trading and you will have trading alerts that will give you signals on your trading.
  • Gold Account – This account requires a minimum of EUR 25000. Features from basic and silver account is included here. What special about Gold account is that you will receive a text message and email trading alert and an additional 2% return in every trade that their client make.
  • Platinum Account – This account requires a minimum of EUR 50,000. Features from basic, silver and gold account is included here. Access to 24Option research website will be available for the client and a live training session is included here. Also, additional percentage is higher that gold. Clients will have an additional 4% return in every trade.
  • Diamond Account – This account has no specific required amount but it have to be set up with their account manager. Features from the accounts above will be available in addition to complimentary tickets to juventus FC Soccer matches in Europe. You will also have a customizable trading platform for you to enjoy a better trading platform that suits you.
  • Additional Information – Upon signing up, there will be an option if you want to deposit EUP 200, 400, 800, 4000 but there is not much information what are the benefits included in these deposit option.

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How to Earn Money From 24Option?

24Option assets

Once you have an account, the next thing that you will do is trade. I have to warned you that trading is associated with risk. If you don’t know anything about trading, financial analysis and current market trends then leave the website immediately.

I would suggest that before you start trading on any Forex Broker or Binary option platforms, you already did your research about market trends, technical and fundamental analysis. The best thing to do is find an online training and a personal coach rather than doing everything on your own.

Choose an asset where you want to start trade. Here’s the list of the asset:

  • Cryptocurrency – BitcoinEUR, BitcoinUSD, LitecoinUSD, DashcoinUSD, EthereumUSD, RippleUSD, BTC.mUSD, Lite.mUSD, Dash.mUSD, ETH.mUSD, Ripple.mUSD, ETHClasUSD, ETHCLS.mUSD, BitcoinGBP, EthereumEUR, EthereumGBP, ETHClasEUR, ETHClasGBP, DashcoinEUR, DashcoinGBP, LitecoinEUR, LitecoinGBP, RippleEUR, RippleGBP, BTC.mGBP, ETH.mEUR, ETH.mGBP, ETHcls.mEUR, ETHcls.mGBP, Dash.mEUR, Dash.mGBP, Lite.mEUR, Lite.mGBP, Ripple.mEUR, Ripple.mGBP, BTC.mEUR, BTCGoldUSD, BitcoinGold, MoneroUSD, Monero.mUSD, StellarUSD.
  • Commodities – Gold, Silver, Aluminum, Zinc, Palladium, Sugar, Live, Cotton, Orange, Cocoa, Corn, Soybean, Wheat, Rice, Coffee, Brent, Copper, Natural Gas, Platinum, Gasoline, Milk, Crude Oil.
  • Stocks – 3M, AIG, Alibaba, Alcoa, Amazon, Am.Express, Apple, AT&T, BAIDU, Berkshire, B O America, Boeing, Caterpillar, Chevron, Coca Cola, Cisco, Citi, Disney, EBay, Exxon, Facebook, Ferrari, Fire Eye, GE, GM, Gold.Sachs, Alphabet, Gopro, IBM, HP, Intel, JNJ, JP.Morgan, Liberty GL, Line, MasterCard, Man United, McDonald’s, M. Stanley, Microsoft, Netflix, Nokia, Nintendo, Pfizer, P&G, Sony, Tesla, Teva, Toyota, Twitter, UBS, Verizon, Visa, Walmart, Hasbro, Unicredit, Lufthansa, Allianz, Bayer AG, BMW, Commerzbank, Daimler and a lot more.
  • Indices – TA35, Tadawul, Omxs30, ETF.MG, ETF.HMMJU, ETF.ACT, H.Shares, Hang Seng, Nifty, Nikkei, Bovespa, Ice USD, ASX, CAC 40, DAX, DJ EURO, DOW, FTSE, IBEX 35, JSE, MIB, NASDAQ, SP500.

After choosing an asset the next thing you will do is to analyze the market whether it is going up or going down. To open a trade, choose your volume maximum of 30, $300 in pips and you have to choose either Buy (UP) or Sell (down).

Website Trading Platform

24Option Graph

Aside from having a MetaTrader4, 24Option has its own online trading platform that have a lot of benefits compare to other broker, The new trading platform was once a Binary Option trading platform upgraded to a brand new trading platform that allows you to trade Forex and other Assets.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Most of the online trading now-a-days made it easy to fund trading accounts to reach clients from the other side of the World. 24Options is one of them so that they can accommodate different clients and investors from all over the world.

Here’s the list on how you can deposit fund on your account:

  • Debit/Credit Cards
  • MoneyBookers
  • CashU
  • Wire Transfer
  • Skrill

About withdrawals, First you have to verify your account by submitting the documents needed. There is nothing to worry about their withdrawal methods because they surely pay and less hassle.

Deposits and withdrawal methods are the same. If you use debit card to fund your account, they will also send your money on your debit card upon withdrawal.

Is 24 Option Good for Everyone?

It is all depends on the client who want to invest and start trading. In my opinion, Here are the list to consider before trading:

Start Trading If:

  • You are willing to dedicate your time learning and researching stuff about Forex and financial market.
  • If you are a serious trader that understands that it is associated with high risk lost of capital
  • If you have enough money to invest and willing to invest more and more.

Don’t bother Trading If:

  • You think trading is like Casino that you just have to rely on Luck to win a trade. In short, Gambling.
  • If you did not meet what I have written above.

24Option Demo Account

No one is going to start trading with real money especially for people that does not know anything about trading. Here is the cool part, 24Option has a demo account with $100,000 virtual money that you can use on trading.

But why do you need demo account? I said earlier, no one is going to risk their money on something they don’t know so demo account will be your shooting-range, your practice area where you can try to open a trade using virtual money on a real-time.

While doing your research and analyzing market situation, the demo account is your practice area to open a trade so there is no need for you to risk money.

If you thing you have practiced enough and know enough about the world of Forex then try funding your account and trade.

24Option Mobile App

Trading made easy anywhere you go with your mobile phone. 24Option mobile app is available for both IOS and Android users.

24Option Mobile App

This app can be downloaded from Apple Store Google Play Store.

Pros & Cons

The Good about 24Option:

  • Regulated and Secure – There are many trading platforms around the internet and I am sure you don’t to be in a wrong platform that is not regulated and secure. I am sure that you are not going to invest your money on a company that is not regulated or registered. 24Option is a secure and regulated trading platform so I guarantee that your investment is safe.
  • Customer Support – The first time I sign up on this platform I have received a phone call from 24option right away. This means that their client is important to them. They are providing 24/7 live support through live chat or email.
  • Materials and Education – Not every Broker provides materials and education for their client to know the market. This is what I like about 24Options. They have a wide range of educational materials for their clients to learn about financial market like market news, books, videos and webinars.

The Bad about 24Option:

  • Not User-Friendly site – In my experience it is not easy to navigate inside their platform. They should improve their website.
  • Very Slow – 24Option loading time is so slow. I don’t think it is my internet connection because my current connection speed is 100 mbps. They should improve their site speed.

24Option is Legit.

24 Option Legit!

24Option is a legit trading platform and it is heavily regulated from different agencies around the World. It is one of the most trusted trading platform that you can find in the Internet.

Warning: Your life savings is at risk! There are people who claims that they have been scammed by trading website but there are no details on how they have lost their money. Trading in Forex is associated with high risk lost of your capital.

I would suggest that before you start trading in Forex or Binary Options, do research and study about financial market. Learn how to read the market situation and study about technical and fundamental analysis.

My Top Recommended Platform

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If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Ford Juan

founder of Affiliate Entrepreneur

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  1. Hey For Juan,

    I enjoyed your review of 24option, I have always been curious about these binary options trading products.

    I really felt like I had an inside scoop of the platform after reading your very informative review.

    Look forward to seeing what content you write in the future, will be returning once more.


    1. Hi Will! It was once a Binary Options Trading Platform. Now It is a fully Forex broker that allows trading in Forex and other assets. Thank you for appreciating my article. Come visit my website once in a while and check on post for money making programs in the internet. If you still have any concerns or questions please feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for breaking down the 24option for us. It sounds legit and safe. I like the fact that they have a virtual money option. I’m an advocate of trying before buying. That’s something which means a lot today, especially in the online world. Thanks again for detailed review.

    1. Hi Ivan! Yes you are right. There’s a lot of scam sites now-a-days so the best thing to do is research before joining any money making website around the Internet. About the virtual money, It means that they want their clients to learn and do research about financial market and make use of the virtual money for practice. If you still have anything in mind don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. Thanks

  3. Everywhere page I open that has to do with binaryoption or forex investments all have great customer reviews but when I tried investing with binaryoption, from plus option, to binomo to IQoption, I lost a lot. I still have someone helping me with my trades but I keep losing and now they want me to invest more money. I need to speak with people who have invested and had similar situations. Please reach out to me on my username

    1. I know the feeling of loosing money on through investing. Yes you need to study and go with people who have lots of experience on trading to learn this kind of stuff. Investing and trading without proper knowledge will take all your money and it is considered gambling, Why don’t you try another way to earn from the Internet? I know a website that will teach you on how to start an Affiliate Marketing online business and It is Called Wealthy Affiliate. Try it out and completely free for you to join. If you have anything else in mind don’t hesitate to leave a comment in the box and i will be more than happy to help you out!

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