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Welcome to Global Test Market (GTM) Review!

Did someone tell you that there are websites on the internet that you can actually earn money just by giving your honest opinion? Are you looking over the Internet on how to make money online? Then you did some research and found out GTM? Not many people are doing research before joining. The Worst scenario, you will be scammed.

First of all, I would like to congratulate you and thank you for taking your time to do research before you actually join the platform. Why? Because that’s the way to avoid scam sites and find the best and legitimate way to build an online business.

In this article, I will share to you all the information you wanted to know about Global Test Market. You will also know if this platform is for you or it’s just a waste of your time.

PS: What I am about to share with you today is all about reviews and information that will give you knowledge about Global Test Market. Please keep in mind that I am doing this review not to promote the platform but to help you clear all the questions you have in mind.

I have Incorporated my Best Affiliate Platform called “Wealthy Affiliate” that will teach you step-by-step on how to build a profitable online business. Meaning, If you decided to join, I will get a commission.

Global Test Market Overview:

Global Test Market

Name: Global Test Market

Owner: LightSpeed Research

Price: Free

Product: Paid Surveys/Get Paid To

Website URL:

Good for: Everyone who want to earn extra income

Rating: 6 out of 10

Recommendation: Choose between YES or NO. If you are looking for an extra income just to kill time, it’s a YES. If you are looking for something bigger and profitable, it’s a NO.

What Is Global Test Market

Global Test Market Is an online paid survey site founded in 1999 owned by Lightspeed Research. Like other Get Paid To (GPT) sites, It is a company that connect the consumers and the advertisers. It is one of the world’s leading providers of market research and they have paid their members over $30 million in 2016 alone.

Global test Market is a genuine source of income meaning, it is not a scam. Unlike any other survey sites, Global Test Market is open up to 200 countries and has over 6 million active users. Not only that, almost 1500 companies from 60 different countries are working with global test market.

Pros & Cons

The Good

  • Completely Free to Join
  • Several Ways to earn money
  • 14 years old above can join
  • Easy to understand

The Bad

  • Referral bonus can only claim after your referral has finished two surveys.
  • No other earning option
  • Not for people who gets bored right away.
  • Not your get away vehicle to success.

Global Test Market

How to Start Earning?

First of all, You have to sign up and it’s pretty easy. Just fill out some information needed and you are good to go. That’s how easy it is. Well, If you are lazy to make a new account then you can sign up using your Facebook or twitter account.

Remember, Legit survey sites does not ask you to pay anything when joining. It is completely FREE. If you are trying to join other survey sites and asking for your credit card information, think twice.

After joining, Check your email for an email verification. Once verified, choose a survey that fits your profile and you are good to go.

Why Work at Global Test Market?

Let’s check the things why Global test market is better than any other survey websites.

  • Trusted – Global Test Market is been proven to pay its members and it has been in the survey industry for almost 20 years. The money is right at your finger tips.
  • Flexibility – Not all survey sites are allowed around the world. Global Test Market can be access by more than 200 countries around the world. Other surveys sites don’t allow 18 years old below but Global Test market allow Minor users starting from 14 years old and above.
  • Fast payment – Members proved that this platform pays right on time with easy process through PayPal. The most recommended paying option.
  • Easy to Understand Point system – Why Point System? Global test market does not pay you money right away. They have a point system called MarketPoints or LifePoints that you can exchange to real money. By gathering points through surveys and other earning option, you can exchange it to real cash.

Points that you earn may vary depending on the survey that you are taking. Here’s how point system works:

  1. For every 23 points that you earn, that is equals to $1.
  2. The lowest paying survey will pay you around 30 to 35 points and that’s more than a dollar
  3. Some surveys pay you around 40 to 60 points. That’s around $2 to $3
  4. The highest will be 250 points = $10
  5. The good thing about this company is, even if you are not qualified and did not finish the survey, you still get 5 points.
  • Referral Bonuses – Like other surveys sites, Global Test Market also offer a referral bonus but there is a catch, You can only redeem your points when your referral has already done with two surveys. Still, better than nothing.

Ways to Earn Money

Like any other paid survey sites that you can earn points through surveys, watching videos and a lot more, Global Test market has only two. Compared to other paid survey sites, Global Test Market is one of the highest paying survey around the Internet so you get to enjoy a better payment.

These are the list on how to earn money from Global Test Market:

  • Paid Survey – We are talking about paid survey sites so yes, our number one will be the paid survey. Upon sign up, there will be a registration form that ask you questions and your household. Why these questions are needed? For them to know what kind of surveys is relevant to you based on the things you are interested.
  • Refer a friend – This is like Doing Affiliate marketing. You promote the product then you get a commission or percentage if someone buys it. But the difference is, You refer a friend, get them to sign up through your referral link, answer at least two surveys, then you get points.
  • Sweepstakes – GTM has a quarterly sweepstakes. There will be 100 winners that will split up the prize $2000 worth of life points. There are two ways to earn entries. It’s either will be a reward for completing a survey or occasionally for not completing a survey.
  • GTM APP – This one is a good way to earn money specially if you are not in front of your computer or laptop. GTM app is available on Android and IOS users.

Rewards offered

There are several ways to redeem rewards using your points and from using PayPal to amazon gift cards and a lot more. When redeeming, I like to use the PayPal because it is a straight forward process. Goes in your PayPal account right away ready to transfer to your bank account.

Legit! Must Try!

Yes, Global Test Market is a Legit platform that pays their members real cash! So you might want to try it for yourself to know.

This website does not mention or promise you to earn a lot of money or to make you rich quick. It can’t even make you rich even if you work for them longer.

This is good for people who are just looking for extra cash just to kill time. If you are DREAMING of something bigger, Affiliate Marketing is your vehicle and Wealthy Affiliate is your key!

Warning: This is not a “Get Rich Quick Scheme”. This is applicable to any kind of business. Dedication is required to build a profitable Online business.

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If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Ford Juan

founder of Affiliate Entrepreneur


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