Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It Or It Is Just Another Scam – Review

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You’ve probably been to a lot of websites or platforms in the internet and just wasted your time browsing all day night and by the end you realized that it was a scam site. Yes! i have been there too and i know what it feels to be hyped and feeling motivated then finding out that you are on a wrong platform, feels so sad. But hey, Maybe Wealthy Affiliate is different from what you have seen before? Let’s check it out!

In this post i am going share with you my very honest review about Wealth Affiliate and hopefully i can share every detail that you needed before joining Wealthy Affiliate. But before that i would like to give you some insight about wealthy affiliate and how it can help you grow your business.

Wealthy affiliate is an Affiliate marketing platform that teach you how to do affiliate marketing. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced affiliate marketer, wealthy affiliate is excellent for all levels. It includes 1000s of training, creating a website and hosting, live training and classes, 24/7 support, community that helps each one another and a lot more. Read my full review to know more about Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate Sample

Wealthy Affiliate Overview

Wealthy Affiliate Overview sample

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Owner: Kyle & Carson

Website URL:

Founder of wealthy AffiliateWealthy Affiliate is the largest affiliate marketing platform in the world with over a million members in the community. It was started on September 10, 2005, by these two visionaries, Kyle and Carson with only  50 members in the community. Over the years they have made wealthy affiliate the home of all affiliate marketers who have dreamed to change their lives.



  • Communicating with other members in the Community.
  • Coaching and sharing your personal training.
  • Training on how you can build a profitable online business.
  • Creating a Website for your Business.
  • All kinds of tool that will help you grow your business.
  • The ability to earn from training that you made.
  • Keyword Search

Sign Up Page – Start of your Wealthy Affiliate Journey


Before you start your journey on Wealthy Affiliate there will be a sign up page needed to fill up before you get inside. Upon signing up, there will be two option to choose either you start with the Starter member or go right away to Premium

Starter Membership – Free and Risk Free

Starter membership sample


Starter Membership is a free membership that allows you to browse the platform without risking your money. It allows you to start some training and to create a website to start your online business. Guess what? No limited trial period. What will you get when you join starter membership?

Education Features and Benefits

  • Online Entrepreneur Certification. (level 1 consist of 10 lessons)
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Training. (level 1 consist of 10 lessons)
  • Classrooms Evolving Daily. (2 classrooms)

Website Features and Benefits

  • A Website Platform you can Grow With – Create a Website. (Maximum 2)
  • Beautiful Website Design. (12 designs to choose)
  • Site Domain, The World’s Only All Inclusive Domain Platform.

Hosting Features and Benefits

  • Virus and Malware Protection for your Website.

Site Content Features and Benefits

  • The Ultimate Writing Platform. (Start Writing an Article)
  • Grammar and Spelling Perfection.
  • Writing Templates for Efficiency.

Jaaxy – Keyword, Niche and Website Research

  • Keywords and Opportunity is Limited to 30 searches only.
  • Siterank, Tracking your Website Ranking is Limited to 30 scans only.

It is very rare to see a platform that offers you a free membership with all those training, courses and other benefits. You don’t even have to worry spending a dollar to join this platform and to test it for yourself.

Premium Membership – Dedicated to Change your LIFE

Premium membership

Premium member ship comes with 3 offers

  • one Month Premium – $19 first month special offer and $49 the following months
  • six Month Premium – $234
  • one Year Premium – $359

Premium membership has a lot to offer than the starter membership. It opens a vast of learning materials that will help you and give you more power to grow your business. What will you get when you join premium membership?

Education Features and Benefits

  • Weekly live Interactive Classes.
  • Plug Into Over 300 Hours of Expert Education.
  • Online Entrepreneur Certification. (level 1-5 consist of 10 lessons each level)
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Training. (level 1-7 consist of 10 lessons each level)
  • Incredible Catalogue of Industry Training. ( Training made by members and mentors in the community)
  • Classroom Evolving Daily. (12 Classrooms)
  • Earn Revenue Creating Your Own Training.
  • Your Own Authority Wealthy Affiliate Blog.

Website Features and Benefits

  • A Website Platform you can Grow With – Create a website. (maximum 50)
  • 4000+ Beautiful Website design – Over 4000+ designs to choose.
  • 51,000 Website Feature Add ons – Extensions to enhance your website.
  • Site Domain, The World’s Only All Inclusive Domain Platform.
  • Site Speed, Amplify Your Website Speed.
  • Site Protection, Increased Spam Protection.
  • Site Health, Website Analysis.
  • Site Comments, Explode your Website Engagement.
  • Site Feedback, A Focus Group for your Website.
  • Advanced Website Training.
  • Site SSL, Free SSL Certificates. (Website Encryption)

Hosting Features And Benefits

  • 24/7 Managed Monitoring.
  • 24/7 Automated monitoring.
  • 24/7/365 Site Support – Average Response 5 minutes.
  • Virus and Malware Protection for your Website.
  • Powerful servers, Powerful sites.

Site Content Features and Benefits

  • The Ultimate Writing Platform. (Start Writing an Article)
  • Beautify your content with over a Million Beautiful Graphics.
  • Grammar and Spelling Perfection.
  • Plagiarism Checker.
  • Templates for Efficiency.

Jaaxy – Keyword, Niche and Website Research

  • Keywords and Opportunity is Unlimited.
  • Siterank, Tracking your Website Ranking up to 100 Scans.
  • Niche Revelation and Discovery.
  • Reverse Engineer Successful Website.
  • Uncover Incredibly Valuable domains.

Community Features and Benefits

  • 24/7/365 Help – Community live chat.
  • Networking with 1.2 Million Members Strong.
  • Expert Mentoring and Support from Community.
  • Ambassadorship Program Access.

Support and Mentorship Features and Benefits

  • 24/7 answers to questions.
  • Live and Instant Support.
  • Five minutes or Less Website and Hosting Support.
  • Mentoring from the Founders.
  • Direct Access to 10,000’s of Industry Experts.
  • Website/Wordpress Support.

What more can you say and what more could you ask for? All this training and benefits will surely and absolutely give you the freedom that you have been dreaming for. But you have to remember that Wealthy Affiliate is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Dedication, patience and persistence is a must to achieve your goals.

Wealthy Affiliate Platform

Education & Training – Is It Worth It?

The first thing you wanna see before buying a product is the quality and services that they provide. Is it worth to buy or not? I have seen a lot of online businesses or platforms that offers you a free trial but sells you a super expensive product to continue. At wealthy affiliate you don’t even have to be a premium to try their quality products for yourself. It is all free for you to start a profitable online business. But what more if you join as a premium member?

With all those training and benefits that they provide for each member, it is guaranteed that you are on your way reaching your dreams. You Start with the training step by step and at the same time you get to apply each training right away. You train, you learn and you apply. Each Training lesson have a task for you to finish before jumping on another lesson. You do not just go on training, you are force to do each task for you to grow with the training. Is it worth it? If you still doubt then see for yourself.

education and training sample

Peaceful Community – Positive Minded People to Help

Have you ever tried to be in a social media that gives you a positive and negative news every single day? You do not even notice that most likely you get more of the negative side than the positive ones. That is very crucial when you are in a business world. Negative vibes, news, attitude, will affect you and your business to grow.

At Wealthy Affiliate, over a million members in the community that will help you, support you in your business. Not only that, In the community you only get positive news that will motivate you more on doing every step to reach your goal. Positive attitude towards your business will give you a better outcome.

What i like in the community is they are very responsive on your question and gives you a very positive answer. There are no questions that are unanswered. Ones you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you will start having positive results.

Website & toolkit – The Foundation of your Online Business

How would you like to have your own website/brand for your business? how would you like to be a founder and owner of your own business? At wealthy Affiliate, you get all the tools you need to create and operate a successful business within the online world. It is the very foundation of your online business and with the right tool and the very easy step by step training that they provided, you will get to start your website and grow with it.

On creating a Website, You get to choose over 4000 beautiful themes that will make the appearance of your website better and beautiful.

Website Designs Example

Online affiliate marketers before requires time and effort on building a website. It takes several days or even more than a month for them to create a website and there will be a task that will be doing like building a website, researching keywords for your content, create a content to publish on your website and SEO campaigns.

Guess what? Wealthy Affiliate offers all of this on their platform. It is an all in one platform that provides everything you need for your online business. It will only take 5 minutes for you to create your website and save you so much time unlike before.

Keyword and Niche Research through Jaaxy

Keyword research is very essential and plays a big part on your online business. Researching a keyword within your niche with low competition and a high traffic keyword will help you to get ranking on google. Wealthy Affiliate have the very powerful Keyword Search “Jaaxy” that offers you tool that can maximized your time when researching a keyword. Here is a sample photo of the subset tool that jaaxy provides.Jaaxy Keyword Research sample

As you can see in the image, all the tool that you need on searching your keyword is provided by Wealthy Affiliate. You do not need to go look for a tool outside the platform that probably you have to spend some money just to have these tools.

Site Content and Creating your Article

After keyword research the next thing is to create your article for your site content. Site content is very essential on your website to get ranking on google. The better your content, the more google will rank your website. Wealthy Affiliate have the tools for you to start writing an article for your website. There are templates to choose for you to start writing your article. See image below.

Templates on writing article sample

Wealthy Affiliate

24/7 Support – Less Than 5 Minutes Response Time

Wealthy Affiliate offers a 24/7 answers to questions and a Live and Instant Support. It only takes five minutes or Less response time on website and hosting support. Founders and mentors are also available for you to send a message if you have concerns and questions about your business.

Better support, better performance on your business. Wealthy Affiliate community let you interact with over a million members for you to ask question, share your opinions and concerns. A Real Community that you won’t find in any platform around the internet.

Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference

Who does not want to go to Las Vegas and get to hang out with the founders of wealthy affiliate in person? Wealthy affiliate have a special affiliate program for their members. 300 Premium Affiliate referrals on Wealthy affiliate will bring you to Las Vegas! Very exciting indeed!

Las vegas Affiliate conference

Is there any Cons at Wealthy Affiliate?

I have been talking about all the good things and stuff about Wealthy Affiliate but does it have cons? Yes it does and we are going to talk about it here.

  • Wealthy Affiliate is only for beginners – A platform design for affiliate marketers of all levels as it says on their website. But with all the training and benefits provided, I can say that Wealthy affiliate is focused on beginner and intermediate affiliate marketers but not on experts.
  • It takes time and effort to see results – If you are in debt and want to pay everything in just a week or a month or you want to earn as soon as possible then this education platform is not for you. This is not a GET RICH QUICK SCHEME if you are looking for a fast result and this applies to all affiliate marketing online not only on Wealthy Affiliate. Dedication, Persistence and Patience is a must for you to achieve good results in any business that you are in right now. There is no such business that gives you a good results in just a day or a week. Put that in mind.

Success Stories – Are People having Good Results?

Is wealthy affiliate legit or scam? 100,000’s of people at wealthy affiliate are enjoying the freedom financially. There are so many success stories every day at wealthy affiliate community that is why people are absorbing the positive attitude within the community. Here are some people on wealthy affiliate sharing their success.

success stories sample

Success Stories sampleSuccess Stories

These people are just example of 1000s and more member who are doing great and they work hard to achieve this results.

Final Verdict

Wealthy Affiliate Legit!

Start Today and See Results

How much money would you like to earn? $50? $100 or $1000? or you want more than that? These digits are very achievable through Wealthy Affiliate. The only thing you should do is to start today and soon you will be the next success story. The key to freedom and success is to never stop dreaming. Here are the steps to join wealthy affiliate for free.

  • Create a Starter (Free) membership at Wealthy Affiliate. Click Here!
  • Start you training after sign up. Click the GET STARTED HERE training
  • Enjoy and have Fun!

How to Claim Your Bonus

If you join Premium within the first 7 days, here are some bonuses that I am going to give you:

1. You are going to get a 61% discount on your first month Premium membership (from $49 to $19 only)
2. You are going to get personal and private access to me and If you ever have any question or need help, I will be there.

But only if you join in your first 7 days.

Wealthy Affiliate

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Ford Juan

founder of Affiliate Entrepreneur


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About the author

Ford Juan is an Entrepreneur for 4 years from 2011 to 2015. From 2015 he started Online Entrepreneur and now he is currently a Full-time Affiliate Marketer at Wealthy Affiliate. The No. 1 Best Affiliate Marketing Platform in the world.


  1. I like WA because its not really getting your money out of your pocket instead they teach you what to do. And its a learning process. And the support is overwhelming, they help with all your question.

    1. Hello Maria! I hope that you learned something from my article that will help you justify if wealthy affiliate is legit or just another scam site. If you have any concerns or questions feel free to drop a comment below and i will be more than happy to help you out.

  2. Great review of WA, very thorough and detailed. It really is the BEST affiliate marketing training program available today on the internet. Anyone who is reading this post will see how good the training is and what can be achieved. All the best to you for your online business.

    1. Hi Helen! i thank you for appreciating my article. Wealthy Affiliate is really rocking the internet this day specially with all the education and training that they are providing for members. If I would rate it I would give 9.5 out of 10. You won’t find in the internet a platform that would give such benefits and opportunity. i hope that this article helped you. If you still have any question or concern please feel free to drop a comment here and i will be happy to answer you. Thank you.

  3. Wealthy affiliate is definitely an amazing platform and you have done an awesome job on this review. I know some people may not agree with this but like you said, wealthy affiliate is not really meant for experts and I would say it is more for beginners and those with intermediate knowledge on what it takes to succeed online.

    1. Hi Jay! I would agree with you that some people may not agree with this but it is all free for them to try whether Wealthy Affiliate is a platform for them or not. If you still Have any concerns or opinion please feel free to leave them below and i will be happy to help you out. Thank you!

  4. I can confirm that WA is a great platform. I also had my doubts when I joined, because I had been a victim of “make money online” -scams before. Trust your intuition. I did. WA felt right and it was. I had zero experience from online marketing or making websites, and the training is excellent for people like me who need clear instructions to get started.

    1. Hello Kirsti! Yes and i have been there too! i had joined so many platforms before on how to make money online or how you will earn money through internet and guess what? I spent so much money on their up sells or by investing on their platform but in the end nothing good happen. Wealthy Affiliate is a lot different from any of those money making program. If you still have concerns or opinion just leave a comment below and i will be answer you with kindness. Thank you!

  5. Very Detailed review, you really left no stone unturn!. if I weren’t a member already, I would be joining at this minute!…the resources, the illustration which are of course very accurate are what make this platform an outstanding one. I have been very much delighted to see one of the members, Jeeri is already making a very visible income!… thank you for the update about WA

    1. There are thousand of people looking for a good source of income in the internet and absolutely Wealthy Affiliate is one of the platforms that will make your dreams come true! Thousands of people within Wealthy Affiliate Community has reach their goals and have good results. The education, training and benefits is beyond expectations. If you still have something in your mind that need to be cleared, do not hesitate to leave a comment below and i will be more than happy to help you out. Thank you.

  6. This is a detailed and accurate review of WA. Thanks, Randyford. Indeed, you will learn many things at WA from building your website to generating income. You just need the time, effort, and hard work to make it to the top. Overall, WA is promising and it already helps many people around the globe. Thank you for this article as I was enlightened more of what WA can do for my site. The success stories you mentioned are great too! All the best!

    1. Hi Hannah! Thank you for appreciating my article. Wealthy Affiliate is a life changer and will be for anyone who wanted to change their lives. I hope that this article helped you whether Wealthy affiliate is a real deal business or just another scam. If you still have any concerns please feel free to leave them below and i will be happy to help you out. Chow!

  7. After using Wealthy Affiliate for some time now, I am a strong believer in their platform and the road they have helped paved for hundreds of thousands of people to success.
    Wealthy Affiliate offers support like no other affiliate marketing website can and they have surpassed my expectations in terms of value!
    I think anyone looking for financial freedom should look no further than Wealthy Affiliate!
    Thank you for this amazing review!

  8. Thank you Ford Juan for the awesome review on Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that you can build your blogs and also get help from the community to help getting more engagements at the same time.

    What is so awesome about Wealthy Affiliate is the amount of training videos and weekly live webinars that so in depth for people who are starting out in affiliate marketing.

    There is no need to rush into signing up as a Premium member.

    A free account also gave us access to the community and training resources.

    Ask away in the Live Chat community and you will surely get the answers you are looking for.

    1. Everything you want to know about affiliate marketing is already inside Wealthy Affiliate. Anyone who wants to learn affiliate marketing from the scratch, Wealthy Affiliate can give you all the step-by-step lesson that you need to get started. Just leave a comment below if you still have opinions to share about affiliate marketing and wealthy affiliate. I will be more than happy to help you out.

  9. Tes,

    Wealthy Affiliate definitely over-delivers on quality of courses and updating their site.  They really are a force to contend with and I like the platform so much, I am on it every day!

    Not only have I learnt so much as a premium member, I noticed that I retain what I learn. That is a plus for me. When facing a challenging task, I push through and persevere rather quit to look for a shiny button elsewhere.

    That speaks volumes!

    1. Yes absolutely! Wealthy Affiliate is way way different from all the money making platforms around the Internet. Because Wealthy Affiliate is not just a website to earn money but it is a educational platform that will teach you a lot of stuff that you will never know outside. If you still have any concerns or opinions feel free to leave them below. Thanks!

  10. Hello Ford Juan

    i like your post, it’s really detailed and informative, im a premium member of wealthy affiliate already, I think many people have some questions of ”  is it worth it or is it just another scam ” ?? It’s normal for them to think that way, because I’m one of them, but when I found out one of my best friends achieved a great success on WA, so I gave it a try, and everything goes pretty well, I love the community and the step by step training system, and everyone is always willing to help you, they want you to be part of them and being successful together, good job, what a great post.

    1. Hi bill Thank you for appreciating my post. Yes pretty sure! Because you cant please everyone. For people who are looking to escape their 9 to 5 job, Wealthy Affiliate is better than great to start with. If you still want to share your opinion just leave a comment below. Thanks.

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