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Why do you want to build a website? Why do you have a website? What are the benefits of having a website? These are the questions that people ask me. Having a website is not for everyone but I will tell you why for some reason there are people who really need a website. Before we proceed on my top website builder, I would like to give you an insight what is a website.

What is a Website

A website is your most powerful tool to communicate locally and internationally. We are talking a unique way to connect with the world. Do you want to share your passion? Build a Website, Do you want to start a Business online? Build a website. There are a lot of benefits of having a website from sharing the things that you are passionate, or to do online business like E-Commerce, Dropshipping, Affiliate Marketing and a lot more.

A website offers you:

  • Better communication globally
  • 24/7 available all-year-round
  • Permanent advertisement
  • Perfect Business card for your audiences
  • You are one step a head from your competitors
  • People increase their trust on your business

Creating a website is a must for the growth of a successful independent marketer or an organization. There is no better than the internet for you to upload your pages, your post, images and videos and at the same time gaining new customers and profit.

There are no boundaries when you have your own website and it opens a lot of possibilities that you can do and available for you. The Internet is vast and there are over 4 billion internet users around the globe. What I am saying is that the Internet is the easiest way for you to get in touch with a broad audience all around the World. If you want to know my top website builder then continue reading my article.

Here are my top list website builders.

Top 5 – GoDaddy Website Builder

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GoDaddy is a publicly traded Internet domain and web hosting company founded in 1997 in Baltimore Maryland by Bob Parsons. It is one of the largest website builder domain name and hosting providers in the world. GoDaddy’s improved website builder allows you to create a site in a minute and if you are looking for an easy builder and hosting then this one could be possible for you.

Pricing: $/Month

  • Personal – $5.99
  • Business – $9.99
  • Business Plans – $14.99
  • Online Store –$19.99

Pros & Cons

The Good:

  • GoDaddy’s Website builder and hosting is an easy to use tool to create a professional website with just a click, drag and drop
  • 10 Minutes is more than enough for you to build a website from GoDaddy.
  • Website speed? Yes. Their average speed is at 455ms.
  • Beautiful images from Getty Photography to enhance the beauty of your website.
  • Works on smaller screens that will allow you to customize your website on your tablet or mobile phone.

The Bad:

  • Websites from GoDaddy is not good for keyword rich content.
  • Pricing plans are not to cheap compared to other site builders.
  • It is not easy to transfer from godaddy to wordpress.
  • There aren’t much creative freedom and not so much appealing compared to other site builders.
  • High renewal fee and upsells.

Here is a short Video from Website Tool Tester for you to understand more about GoDaddy.


Top 4 – Weebly Website Builder

Weebly sample

Weebly is one of the most popular and fastest growing website builder in the internet founded in 2006 by Taylor Jones, Chris Fanini, and Dan Veltri. Compared to other website builder, weebly is the easiest one to navigate out there. Tons of web design and an easy drag and drop editor so you do not need to learn any single codes when editing your website. There are various of tools that are super friendly and easy to use for beginners but I do not recommend this website builder for bloggers and keyword rich content. Mainly focused only on E-commerce store.

Pricing: $/Month

  • Starter – $8
  • Pro – $12
  • Business – $25
  • Performance – $38

Pros & Cons

The Good:

  • They take care of hosting your website
  • You do not need to install anything
  • Built in support with e-commerce
  • Advantage on online stores
  • Easy to add features on your website
  • Responsive themes and designs

The Bad:

  • Platform lock-in only to their features. Does not allow any features from other source
  • Expensive pricing
  • Upgrade to Business plan to remove 3% charge for every purchase on your store

Here is a short Video from Website Tool Tester for you to understand more about Weebly.


Top 3 – Squarespace Website Builder

Squarespace sample

Squarespace is known for its great designs and ease of use founded in 2003 by Anthony Casalena at his dorm room in University of Maryland. It is a click, Drag and drop website builder and it allows you to build a website without coding and hosting setup. Like Weebly, themes at Squarespace are also incredible and with great features. Ideally, It is good in creating professional websites but it takes time to get use to it. Well, Good things comes to those who have patience as they say. Beautiful customization and stunning templates are available for you.

Pricing: $/Month

  • Personal Plan – $16
  • Business Plan – $26
  • E-Commerce Basic Plan – $30
  • E-Commerce Advanced Plan – $46

Pros & Cons

The Good:

  • Quality Templates for designs
  • Login Details for E-Commerce
  • Build your Website without worrying about hosting
  • Multiple templates for one website
  • No coding expertise required
  • Live chat for instant support

The bad:


  • No backup and restore
  • Expensive Price plan
  • Not for Beginner
  • Limited integration with third party services
  • limited payment source for customers

Here is a short Video from Website Tool Tester for you to understand more about Squarespace.

If you Want to Know a Platform that Teaches you step-by-step How to Build a Profitable Website, Click the Link Below

Wealthy Affiliate

Top 2 – Wix Website Builder

Wix sample

Wix is another popular website builder founded 2006 by Avishai Abrahami, Nadav Abrahami, and Giora Kaplan. Wix offers an easy to use combined with set of features that you can use to build your website. I would describe Wix as Freedom because you could start from the scratch and you can even customize your theme. However, it is probably not good for beginners specially that you would start from a blank canvas, I have personally used Wix and it is chaotic. The good thing is you can use Wix for free as long as you want.

Pricing: $/Month


  • VIP – $29
  • Unlimited – $14
  • Combo – $11
  • Connect Domain – $5


  • Business VIP – $35
  • Business Unlimited – $25
  • Business Basic – $20

Pros & Cons

The Good:

  • Fully Hosted Platform
  • Relatively A Hundred of Templates for your Web Design
  • Click, Drag and Drop Website Builder
  • Free Apps features to install on your Website
  • Fee as long as you want
  • Back up your Site Automatically

The Bad:

  • Wix Branded Ads will be shown for Free and domain Plan
  • If you are planning to move your website away it is not easy
  • Not recommended for beginners
  • Not for Keyword Rich Content
  • Relatively Expensive

Here is a short Video from Website Tool Tester for you to understand more about Wix.


My Top 1 – sample

There is no other website builder better than A self hosted website builder founded in 2001 by Michel Valdrighi. The main difference about the and other hosted website is the level of complexity. is the most popular website builder and over 29% percent of all the website in the internet are made from wordpress. How would you like to have your own freedom in building a website? WordPress is an open source website builder that you take full control over your website.

Worpress does not limit you to build for a specific business or passion you want. Whether you want to build a Dropshipping website, E-Commerce, Blogs, Affiliate Marketing, to share your passion or to post a keyword rich content and a lot more. Everything is achievable through Did you know that there is a platform called Wealthy Affiliate that teaches you step-by-step on how to build a website on WordPress? and the Good thing is it is completely free for you to join and you can build a profitable website.

Pricing: Free to download

  • Domain & Hosting – $13.99/Year

Pros & Cons

The Good:

  • Free to Download
  • Very affordable price for domain and hosting
  • Freedom to do what you want ( you are complete in control)
  • Over 4000 different web designs
  • Good for All businesses online
  • Drag and Drop Website page layout
  • 50,000 free wordpress plugin
  • Multi-language website builder

The Bad:

  • Needed Technical Knowledge
  • You are on your own to manage your website

Here is a short Video for you from Sam Dey to understand more about

It is a good thing that you have freedom to build a website and do anything you want but for some reason specially for beginners are definitely going to have a hard time. That is why there is a platform called Wealthy Affiliate to teach you step-by-step on how to build a wordpress website ang guess what? It is easier than you think.

Wealthy Affiliate

Conquer the World through Internet

There are a lot of opportunities that you can do through the internet like Dropshipping, E-Commerce, Social Network, Community forum, Affiliate Marketing and a lot more! The only thing you have to do is start building your website and you might not know, you will be the next big story in the world of internet. If you want to know more about the other Top Website Builder, please visit

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Ford Juan

founder of Affiliate Entrepreneur


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About the author

Ford Juan is an Entrepreneur for 4 years from 2011 to 2015. From 2015 he started Online Entrepreneur and now he is currently a Full-time Affiliate Marketer at Wealthy Affiliate. The No. 1 Best Affiliate Marketing Platform in the world.


  1. Nice article on top best website builder. I actually find this article informative on somethings that I don’t know about website builder. I have been conversant with WordPress from the beginning without checking the advantage of other website builders. Looking at WordPress, is still the most popular website builder I ever know for now. I would like to checkout other website builders in the list to the advantage they have  over WordPress 

    1. Hi ajibola! Those are just my top 5 website builders but you can actually find a lot more website builders in the internet. So far you are not in a wrong place to build your website because WordPress is is really great and better from other website builders out there according from my experience. If you still have concerns or opinion just leave a comment below and i will be happy to help you out. Thanks!

    2. I’ve used both and Wix. So far, so good.I haven’t had any crazy experiences with them yet, but I’m sure it will come when I try to become more tech-savvy with them.

      I started using Wix as part of a grad school project to create my online portfolio of all sorts. The steps in creating it with the free plan were simple. can be easy as well, but I recommended starting out with before heading on over to .org. Just to see how it works.

      Thanks for this article, you provided many helpful tips!

      1. Hi Alexandria! So far I have no difficulties in using even if i did not start form Both of them are great website builder. If you still have any suggestions or recommendations just leave them below. Thanks!

  2. Having a good website is one of the major part of online business because it tells your visitors about what you offer. It is the image of your business and it is part of what determines how far your business will go. Therefore, having a good website builder is Paramount and for me, I have always prefer godaddy

    1. Hi Linus! Exactly. No website? No online business for you! Having a website is your way of communicating to your customers globally. Yes go daddy is good but have you try other website builders like WordPress? Its actually great and you will love it. If you still have any questions or concerns regarding website builders then just leave a comment below and i will be happy to help you out!

  3. Good Morning Ford Juan,

    After reading your detailed post on which is the best website builder I became very happy. I discovered that when I started with my 2 websites in January 2017 I landed in the right place. I did not know anything about website building and technology is not my favorite. 

    To have become a member of Wealthy Affiliate whose program guided me in the process of building my website with Word Press could not have been better. Here we have all the tools at our fingertips, you can work at your own speed, and you have all the help you need. 

    After comparing the different options you talk about with what I have it is clear to me this is the best place to be.

    Regards, Taetske

    1. Hi Taetske! WordPress is quite complicated to use for beginners but that is what i love the most. Specially giving you the freedom to build and do anything you want on your website. Yeah, Wealthy Affiliate is your key to learn all the step-by-step on how to build your website. Not just to build a website but to build a very profitable website. IF you still have any concerns regarding website builders just drop a comment below and i will be more than happy to help you out! Cheers!

  4. I know email marketing is a thing nowadays and people are making it big just doing email marketing but I think having a website to promote a business or a hobby has a more lasting effect than when making use of an email. I believe every online entrepreneur needs a website even if they are making use of email marketing.

    Out of all the website builders mentioned the one I most familiar with is Godaddy and WordPress but I think WordPress is more common and it is actually the one I make use of.

    1. Hi Jay! There are no problem with email marketing it is just depending on people what they prefer to use on there online marketing. But if you want your business to last for years then building a website is a must. Both website site are great but i’d prefer to use WordPress because of the freedom of building a website. If you still have anything in mind that you would like to clear, just leave a comment below and i will be more than happy to help you out! Thanks

  5. I absolutely love this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and interesting to me.In selecting the best website builder for my affiliate marketing business, I would prefer wordpress for it’s features. This article highlighted his pro more than the cons. WordPress is the most popular website builder in the world and its easy to setup .thanks for the review, best regards 

    1. Hi Adamuts! In terms of having your own way to build a website, WordPress is your builder. Yes you are right its easy to set up specially if you have the right training provider that teaches you step by step on building a profitable website. If you still have concerns just leave a comment below! thanks

  6. It’s good to know that a website can make the potential readers increase the trust they have on one’s business as time rolls by and the internet is a must to leverage when it comes to making the business skyrocket or go viral in the online world. I’ve once used Godaddy to host a website some years ago and have also bought domains from this platform times without number. So, it’s one of the most awesome domain registrars and web hosting providers in the industry.

    I’ve personally tried Weebly out and found it to be so awesome but haven’t got a better blogging experience from any other blogging platform than WordPress. Thanks for your passion!

    Israel Olatunji

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