Top Niches for Online Business – 5 best Niches 2019

There are millions of profitable niches around the world. Why is it profitable? Because there are millions of people, if not billions that are looking for information and solution to their problem from the internet. So there is no such word as “Wrong Niche”.

The only question is how much money you would earn on a niche that you have chosen. As I said every single niche is profitable but there are certain niches that makes you more money in the world of online business.

Now we are going to talk about my top 5 niches for online businesses but before we proceed to my top niches, I would like you to read my article about “How to pick a Niche for Affiliate Marketing” and “How to start Affiliate Marketing Business“.

These articles are prerequisite before going to my top 5 niches. Make sure to read those articles for you to have an idea about affiliate marketing and why having a niche is important. Now Let’s proceed to my top 5 Niches.

My top by Niche Sample

Top 5 – Money and Investment

Money and investment sample

Money – People are constantly searching on the internet about money and investment. They want to become somebody, They want to be financially free and get to do what they want. In short, they want freedom. These people wanted the best for their love ones, quit their job, no more alarm clocks, no more 9 to 5 jobs and are getting sick with active income that is not enough to sustain their living.

Choosing a niche about money is one of the profitable niches out there because there are millions of people around the globe who are looking for a passive income.

Here are example niches that people search in Google:

  • How to make money online
  • How to make a Passive income online
  • How to make money with affiliate marketing
  • How to make money at home
  • How to learn business online
  • How to earn money while sleeping

Investment – These people are the one who doesn’t want to leave their job but wanted to invest on a money investment company. This includes Stock trading, Forex and a lot more. They just want an extra income but they don’t really know how big they can get from their investment. I have considered this because you can be financially free from investments too and make a full time income from it.

Here are example niches that people search in Google:

  • How to invest money
  • How to invest money online
  • How to invest money wisely
  • How to invest money in stock market
  • How to invest money in forex
  • How to invest money in bitcoin

There are tons of people who are searching Money and Investment daily on the internet so this niche is one of the profitable niche out there. Sharing your expertise about this niche will bring you a fortune.

Top 4 – Pets

Pets sample

Did you know that there are over 180 million cats and dogs in U.S alone and around 220 to 600 million plus all over the world. Not only that, There are over 85 million pet owners in U.S who are spending $50 billion per annum for their pets. We are just talking about dogs and cats. Fishes, birds, and other pet animals are not included yet.

Do you now have an idea how this niche is profitable? People are looking for information like teaching their dog or how to find a trainer and most likely they are looking for solution on their pet problem.

Here are example niches that people search in Google:

  • How to train a dog to jump
  • How to train a cat to poop outside of the house
  • How to remove tick and flea
  • How to walk you dog on a leash
  • How to walk your dog without a leash
  • How to teach your dog to sit
  • How to stop your dog from barking

I remember one time. I bought ground beef for my dogs but my dinner is just sardines. Did you get my point? People love their pets and are willing to spent thousands for them.

Top 3 – Love, Dating and Relationship

Love couples examples

People are looking for a way to step up their relationship or how to improve their relationship. Whether someone is talking about love, is also into dating. People are struggling how to admit that they love someone, or looking for tips on how to date a girl. Love has so many niches if you narrow it down. About self-love, love your wife and a lot more.

Relationship in your family, or in a group of people like church etc are also profitable niches. Opportunities are endless in this particular niche because people nowadays want their relationship to be perfect and with the right information and solution, earning money from this niche is endless.

Here are example niches that people search in google.


  • How to love a man
  • How to love yourself
  • How to love a girl
  • How to improve self-love
  • How to love a broken man
  • How to love a broken girl
  • How to love a person


  • How to date a Girl
  • How to date someone
  • How to date an introvert
  • How to tell if you want to date someone
  • Tips on how to date a girl
  • Tips on how to go on a date


  • How to improve your relationship
  • How to improve relationship with family
  • How to improve relationship with your boss
  • How to be in a love relationship
  • How to sustain long distance relationship
  • How to sustain relationship with God
  • How to sustain healthy relationship

There are a lot more niches to narrow down from Love, Dating and Relationship and if you provide enough information and solution then this niche will bring you a fortune.

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Top 2 – Phones, Gadgets and Technology

Gadget niche sample

Is there someone who doesn’t have phone right now? Even kids nowadays have phone! There are over 5 billion cell phone user in the world. So there are tons of people looking for information about cell phone quality.

Gadgets and technology like music players, gaming consoles, laptop and a lot more are so important to people nowadays so they keep searching for information before buying that certain product. Is it good? What are the advantages and a lot more.

Here are example niches that people search in Google:

  • The Best cellphones 2019
  • Top cellphones for gaming
  • Best cellphone for seniors
  • Difference between (Phone brand) and (Phone Brand)
  • Best cellphone for taking photos
  • Top water resistant phones
  • Best gaming consoles
  • Best TV for gaming
  • Best projector for home theater
  • Best speakers for home theater

Having this niche gives you an endless opportunities and have a lot of products tie-in with the biggest affiliate networks in the internet. Choosing this niche is profitable.

My Top 1 – Health, Weightloss and Fitness

Healthy Lifestyle sample

People want to stay healthy and fit and we all know the reason. Who wouldn’t want to prolong their life and spend more time with their family? There are a lot of people looking for healthy products from herbals to exercises and how to lose weight.

From all the other niches, this is the most profitable niche from my opinion because everyone wants to be healthy. They even prioritize buying some healthy products or some indoor tool for exercise rather than buying other stuffs.

Would you believe that 80% of internet users are searching about health products and weight loss? The 20% left is within the other niches. That is why this is the most profitable niche in online business.

Here are example niches that people search in Google.


  • How to be healthy
  • How to have a healthy lifestyle
  • How to have a healthy heart
  • How to improve health and wellness
  • How to improve healthy lifestyle
  • How to sustain being healthy

Weight loss:

  • How to lose weight
  • How to lose weight in two weeks
  • How to lose weight without diet
  • How to lose weight while eating fatty foods
  • How to lose weight for young adults
  • How to lose weight while sleeping


  • Full body workout
  • How to have a six-pack abs
  • How to have a six-pack abs in one month
  • How to workout using dumbbell
  • How to improve your biceps and triceps
  • How to workout your legs at home

There are endless opportunities within this niche and as you narrow it down there are a lot of niches that will bring you a fortune.

Start Making Money

Now you know the top most profitable niches you might want to start building your online business from these niches.

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PS: These niches are my top profitable niches in online industry but it does not guarantee that you will earn money. Hardwork, persistence and dedication is needed when building a profitable online business. This applies to every online business.

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If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

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  1. Sweet article. Finding a niche is difficult for a lot of people. Took me a while to stick and focus on one thing to even get started. Its great that you’ve provided sufficient information to help people move forward with what can be a great future. I’m definitely passing this on to those I see struggling to find a niche to get started with. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hello Jesus! I love your name by the way. Thanks for appreciating my article. Yep, you could share my article to those people who are starting online business like affiliate marketing. It will surely help them. These are my top 5 and I know that there are tons of niches out there that are profitable. I would also want to share with you my article about Choosing a Niche that you can share for those who are having a hard time choosing their niche. If you have any concerns, please leave a comment below and I will be happy to help you out.

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